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See below for what we currently hold in our collection

Bell Fruit - Can Can - approx 1978

5p / £1.00

An untouched Bell Fruit game running exactly as it would have done from the factory with token JP. Bought for very little and

assumed not working but complete. Contact cleaner was all it needed; now fully working. Fortunately the machine came full

to the brim with old coins and tokens alike which I have kept it working on– result! Equally, a 50p change option is available

to give10p pieces.

Bell Fruit / MAM - Pound Stretcher

5p / £1.00

MAM rebuild from a Bell Fruit game. This is a rescue machine that came not too far from home at the time. I was told to

come and take it for free as it came with a new house purchase. Either that or it would receive the dreaded hammer

treatment! Converted to ‘All Cash’ probably as part of the rebuild. This machine works on solely on old coins to keep

originality.     currently in storage

Barcrest - Cash Connect - 1987

10p / £2.00 Cash or £4.00 Tokens

My very 1st fruit machine at 16 years of age. My parents finally gave in to constant badgering (I suppose to they realized

I had a genuine interest). This has been with me all the way from the early days in my bedroom! A particularly rare Barcrest

machine from 1987, it came from a Jukebox show! This has been in the collection now since 1997 and all those years

without fault!!

Barcrest - Crystal Maze

20p / £10.00

'Will you start the fans please!!'


Absolutely brilliant Barcrest game from 1992 with a great program @ 80% payout giving excellent play on very little money.

Lots of sampled sounds from the show, this MPU 4 game definitely takes you back! This came from a fellow collector in Dartford

who had to downsize his machine numbers!

 Bell Fruit - CLUB Crazy Fruits

25p / £250.00

An extremely fun game with fun audio alike. Bell Fruit released a range of these games in different guises. This one is fully

switchable with all the decals but unfortunately suffers with a hopper problem and a small lighting fault. She was in fact

donated to me from a customer at work and after a brief spell in The Gamesroom will stay in storage until required.

currently in storage

JPM - Nudge Double Up Mk3

5p / £2.00

Well what can I say about this machine! Who doesn't know it? I can remember years ago just being tall enough to put

money into one of these (7 or 8) on holiday in Devon!! So common then but where are they now?? This was very, very

kindly released to me by Dave of Mr P's Classic Amusements in Gravesend on the proviso that I will not move it on

with giving him first refusal. If ever I go cukoo bananas and decide to shift her its the least I can do. Thanks again Dave.


Barcrest - Crystal Maze Team Challenge - 1994

£1 / £5.00 - £10.00

I just had to have one of these - such great memories from old and absolutely brilliant with friends! Will it be a mental,

mystery, skill or physical game? Work your way round the maze to try for a £5 JP in the dome! If you do really well,

it will be doubled to £10.00!!!! Check out the top glass - this variation had the 'flutterbox' with real tokens and fan!! Love it!


JPM - Supatrack

10p / £4.00 Tokens

Another outstanding machine from JPM and is one more we can cross off of our wanted list. This is what 80's fruit machine

playing was all about! With perfect artwork, nostalgic audio and she also looks very smart along side our Nudge Double Up.

Very happy with this game and a special mention to Dave of Reel Fruits Arcade who kindly released her to

The Gamesroom Croydon.

Maygay - The Italian Job

20p / £10.00

Maygay have done a great job at turning this film into a fruit machine. I’ve had her on 20p / £10.00 for the whole time she

has been in my possession (since 2002) and I love it. I just wish I had enough space for all of the machines, all of the time!!

here is one of these at Mr P's Classic Amusements at the moment and is definitely worth playing. If you live under a rock and

don’t know the film, still have a go, enjoyment guaranteed!

currently in storage

Bally - Rio

2p / 50p

A fun Bally one armed bandit. This time with the added benefit of being able to ‘hold’ reels. Dating from the 70’s,

this one is 2p play with a staggering 50p JP!!! There is even a change machine in the top box that will exchange 2p’s

from the hopper for every 10p inserted. All fully working and in absolutely perfect condition, they have so much charm –

and remember it’s quite a workout with single coin entry and the arm to pull!! 

Bally - Dueces Wild 1964

10p / £2.50

Purchased about 2005, this Bally one armed bandit helps demonstrate the evolution of the fruit machine. Totally random

payouts (yes, true!), the reels ‘free-spin’ once kicked off by the reel mech. Specific circuits are activated where a win is

detected and the set coinage is dispensed. A real game of chance. Hopper payout too! NB - the top box is a non

permanent award panel - I plan to have a replacement 'blade' sign created in 2014 to put it back to its original design.

Bally Bounty 1977

2p - £1.00

A brand new addition for December 2011 and  a machine I have always been on the look out for. The machine brings

back so many memories of young! A wide body machine with fixed base unit which also benefits from 10p coin

acceptance for 5 plays (makes play a lot quicker). Check out the 'Projects' page to see how this machine is progressing. 

It has arrived complete and fortunately needs just a good service!

Electrocoin - Silver 7's - 2003

30p / £25.00

This machine was bought purely for its sparkling good looks and rarity (if seen, usually in a rear opening deluxe cabinet).

Essentially a ‘Big 7 / Red Bar’ machine with 4 x prize awards, this 25p / £25.00 machine is set to a particularly fair 84%.

This was a joint effort between Electrocoin & the United Distribution Co. in 2003 – They actually operate next door to

each other in North West London.


Jamma Video - 20p play - mid 1980's

Mid 80’s Jamma cab now sporting a 48 game in one board to revive older machines. This has every classic 80’s game you

could possibly ever want – brilliant, and I don’t have to keep changing games over. I do also have a selection of original

Jamma boards + a Neo Geo unit with games for that too. Great fun and when it’s not on free play,

 it’s a bargain at 20p per play!! Bought from a single site operator about 2001.



NSM - City IV - 1988

A must for social gatherings, this 1988 NSM machine is one of the last vinyl playing machines ever to be made.

Many NSM machines were noted for their unusual way of playing records vertically!! It’s amazing to watch it do its stuff!!

This was rescued from a friend of my fathers who was once a jukebox engineer. It had been stored away for the past

7 years and took some work to get it going I can say. A full cabinet restoration by myself and she is ‘as new’ again!


Whittaker Bros - The Gambler- 2p & 10p play

Great 2player pusher just about suitable for home. Set up for 2p’s & 10p’s with goodies on both sides. Bonus coins awarded

from the top box spinner if you can activate the centre ‘bonus’ target. 2p side is an instant hit with everyone especially as

‘swag’ gets changed regularly. Very good condition throughout. This came straight off an arcade floor due to being

replaced with a more prominent machine – It’s big in this gamesroom mind you!!


Williams - Travel Time - 1972

10p play

An electro-mechanical Williams machine from 1972. A unique game in the fact that you do not have a specific

amount of balls but an unlimited amount – as long as you have time on the clock though – add time units by hitting

certain targets!! This machine was from a property on Abbey Road in London, not far from the Zebra crossing location

famous for it’s association with The Beatles. Both playfield and back glass are in mint condition!

Gottlieb / Premier Games - 1993 -Caribbean Cruise - 50p play

Ultra rare ‘Premier Games’ (formerly Gottlieb) machine from 1993 consisting of only 377 units!! Unique ‘cocktail’

table game. Full width but only ¾ length, this game is hard and fast! Mainly due to the ball having no-where to get any

major distance away from the 4 x flippers! A 2 ball multi-ball is particularly difficult. Large display set into the playfield

means you have not got to look anywhere else but down!! Artwork in perfect condition.


Elaut - Topper

20p play

Who cant help themselves and have a go on one of these??!! I remember this type clearly from when I was a boy

and in particular it's attract music - Oh me darling Clementine!! They have been around for years and are just so robust

they should last forever. This one came from Essex and has been very well cared for in its lifetime. Benefitting from an

mpu rebuild in 2011, she should be good to go for many years to come.




Brenco - Wheel Of Fortune - 1964

1p play!

Wow!! What a machine this is! This was Brenco's first entry into the coin-operated industry back in 1964

which makes it very, very special!

The aim of the game is to predict where the rotating arrow will stop (it runs continuously, even when not in ‘paid’ play).

Single or multiple bets can be made ranging from 2p to 12p (yes, 12p JP!!). If the arrow stops where a matching bet

has been made, the machine will pay the corresponding amount. Hours of fun! Originally working on the old penny,

this machine (like many) was updated when decimalization was introduced in 1971. It now works on the current 1p!

Many later machines have taken game principle further. Horse racing themed machines and roulette style machines to

name just a couple!!


Also, take a look at the Brenco museum website (if you havn’t already) – www.fruitmachinemuseum.co.uk 

constructed by a dedicated enthusiast, it includes many pieces made by them – look through the galleries!

This game is one of two last known surviving machines! The other is on the Isle of Wight!


Sub-Electro - Silver Gambler  10p / £2.00

A very rare machine indeed! There are no other known machines of this name to be around now. Designed for use in

Mecca bingo halls in the mid to late 80's, they are particularly different in the fact that the reels are positioned in the top

glass and they the 'win' amounts replace any fruit symbols we would usually expect to see. An extremely quirky machine!

An equally rare example of a similar game - Rainbow Gambler can be found in the collection

@ Mr P's Classic Amusements, Gravesend.


Barcrest - Super Hyper Vyper

5p / £6.00 Tokens

Another familiar sight at arcades in the past. This is a more recent addition and was donated as just shell from

Dave @ Mr P's arcade. He already has 2 of these (complete) and was in dire need for space. The artwork was so good

that he could not bring himself to break it! When I received the call asking me if I would like her? Well, what can I say!

She was brought back here that day and rebuilt in the same week! A fabulous game!


Electrocoin Bar X - 1987

10p / £4.00 Cash

There's not much I need to say about this machine. Very early Bar X in particularly good shape.

We just had to have one! These early machines were not % adjustable. They aim for approx 86% I have

discovered and that's that! This machine replaced a newer Casino Bar X 5 we owned and on 10p per

play, it gives good game play with few dry spells. The early audio is also rather distinctive.


PCP Spot On

10p / £6.00 Tokens

New in for Feb 2012, this is one of my favs from young. Released to us by Dave @ Mr P's as he knows my love for the game.

Currently undergoing some work to get her back to near original as possible - Check out our Projects page!

This machine is a rebuild from a number of Barcrest games of the time and operates on MPU4 technology.

It wont be long until work is complete - a real bonus too is the cabinet is near perfect!


MAB Systems Bar X

5p / £5.00 All Cash

A new Addition for March 2012. This machine has been kindly donated to The Gamesroom by friend and collector James.

This is a very rare machine in that many of these were removed from service / scrapped after a lengthy copyright battle

with Electrocoin. Suffice to say Electrocoin won. This is a very playable game and differs from genuine Bar X's only

by artwork. This machine is currently in storage awaiting the next change around on the main floor.


Electrocoin - Magic 777

This little gem is now part of a trio that welcomes you at the entrance of The Gamesroom. Quite a rarity nowadays,

this machine is something rather special. A multi-line machine, the player chooses how may they wish to have active at

any one time. I'm still not entirely sure how many coins this game rewards three Jackpot symbols but let me tell you it's

large! I currently have it on 10p play but with the benefit of a coin comparitor mech, this can easily be changed

to any coin / token of your choice. This machine is on a permanent loan from Mr P's Classic Amusements.


Electrocoin - Cherry Bar

20p / £4.00

Wow! Another UK game some of you may not have seen before! A machine with similar style to that of Magic 777.

This is a fast paced, unpredictable game from the early 90's. Oh, I mustn't forget to mention the super bright LED

lighting for a win!  She is currently in need of a coin mech (if anyone can help with a Cashflow 126 please let me know)

but other than that is fully operational. This addition also joins us on a permanent loan from Mr P's Classic Amusements.



'Mini' Skee Roll by Brenco (late 1970's)

9 balls - 10p

Another absolute favourite of mine - Skee Roll, or in my case 'mini' Skee Roll as a 3/4 size game! Still very big in this

gamesroom but 3 feet shorter than the standard size unit at 10'. This age old game has been bringing out the

competitive streaks in arcade go'ers for over 100 years! Such a simple format and you can't help to believe that your

own skill level will eventually result in you performing a near perfect game! You just can't walk away from them!

I always succome to the 'just one more go' type behaviour that sees me constantly trying to improve my own

personal best! We've even started to offer prizes for anyone who achieves the highest scores! They appeal to

anyone who can roll a ball, young or old and I can see this being a new permanent feature of this home arcade for

many years to come. Right, now for another game...........  Please see our 'Projects' page more more on this machine.


Crystal Leisure - Billy Smart's Circus - 1996

2p / £4.00

In town now.... Joining us from Oct 2012 this 'chase' trail to end game has been saved from a future life in a cold,

damp shed! This was to be her fete due to her last owners needing the space she had once enjoyed indoors! In a JPM

caninet running Barcrest MPU4 technology, we have found this Crystal conversion rather good fun. £5 seems to last

forever!!! See our 'Projects' page for more detail on this machine.


Barcrest - Monthy Python's Flying Circus

25p / £25.00

'Is this a five minute argument of the full half hour?' A new addition for 2014 and a machine we've had on our 'want list'

for some time. With lots of classic phrases and music from the show, this wrap around trail game has all the important

ingredients for some serious fun. At nearly 15 years old she's in stunning condition and has been warmly received

so far. Running mpu5 tech gives a faster pace of play and added depth to the game..........  'Say no more!'


Barcrest - Cash Attack

25p / £15.00

'The boy's good, the boy's clever!' Great little machine this with superb audio. Running MPU4 technology and updated

from £10 to £15 JP, I remember playing this machine a lot during my time working in Bromley many years ago.

It did need some shoe-horning in to ensure nothing else had to go!! Look out for 'Reel Skill' mid way up the feature

board - very easy Jackpot win here and quite often with a repeat!

Maygay - Jewel In The Crown
25p / 50p / £35.00
New for October 2014, Maygay's Jewel In The Crown (MPU5) from 2006. By far the newest machine in the gamesroom,
this is a welcomed addition to give the 'players' amongst us a faster, more rewarding game! This is a 5 line, hi - lo machine,
with cash and feature boards. Collect 3 gems along the way for the super board up top and rack up a tasty cashpot.
Entry to the superboard is guaranteed when playing the super game but turn those jewel red (either in standard or super
game mode) and receive invincibility!
For any further info on these machines, just get in touch...