First Look!! PCP - Spot On  


A great game I remember from my younger years and picked up from good friend

Dave @ Mr P's. Not requiring much doing to it at all apart from some decal

reconstruction - cabinet is near perfect!! Below are the machines I used to enjoy in Devon!

Picture taken just before they were removed from service in 2001 - Pavillion Amusements

Dawlish Warren.

Apologies for quality of image - this is all I have left! A printed picture - cannot find negatives!! (yet!)

So, as mentioned above - the first thing that strikes you is its overall condition - It very,

very clean. These cabinets are old anyway and along with usual wear and tear, many

of them suffer chipped corners around the payout tray along with bent and buckled trays

themselves. This one doesn't even have a whiff of any of that!


Fully switchable - 2p / 5p / 10p & 20p over 1 / 3 & 6 Jackpots. It's arrived on 10p / 6

 and seems to play really well although I'm sure it will find itself on 20p / 6 very soon!

It all came flooding back to me as to why I used to play this game - It is just so addictive!

Aim for 3 Spots on the winline to enter the board. Roll your two dice (reels 2 & 3) and see where

it takes you! Land on a 'Hot Spot'; can you proceed through or will you risk everything?

The 'Hot Spot' options can advance your game, award nudges, offer a skill stop or kill you off!

Normal wins can be exchanged into the game via Hi-Lo gambles on the number reel (reel 1)

 but get this though, it runs 1-16!! Totally forgot about that!!....

and dont forget to look out for various hints and tips. After you're kicked out of a board,

will you get the opportunity to get back in? Just throw 6 or above on your dice reels! Very

upbeat audio too - definately gets you foot tapping!

Artwork is faultless - no flaking, peeling or lifting here!!

Original Barcrest label denoting it's previous life under another guise!

Reels are undamaged but need a very good clean!

This is the feature board lamp unit removed to access decals in the centre

& awards around the outer edge. Measurements, fonts, colour etc have been

submitted to our printer and we should be receiving designs to 'proof' later

this week. More on this soon.

The next job is to fabricate a Token payout assembly. This is required to

keep the machine as original to this game as possible - 6 Tokens is the

aim and fortunately we have plenty of spares (& Tokens) in stock so it's just

a case of putting it all together. The wiring harness still is still intact for

putting this back so no modifications needed here! You can clearly see

from the picture where it originally used to reside!

New Decals fitted below with red backing mask. It was decided it was uneconomical

to use a third party printing company so these were made in house. They're not identical

to the original but are more than suitable whilst we explore other options.


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