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I thought I'd put up a few places definately worth a visit. See below:



Mr P's Classic Amusements

If you enjoy classic fruit machines from the 80's & 90's, then this is somewhere you

MUST visit!! Located in Gravesend, Kent, with a second arcade planned, you will

not find anywhere else like it! I cannot reccommend this place enough! Take a look

at their website and if you can - book a day or two off work!

Check out the forum too!

Reel Fruits

Oct 2012 - New Maidstone arcade - check it out!

Teignmouth Pier, South Devon

Another great destination for amusement machines of all types and ages.

A personal favourite of mine and somewhere to soak up and experience

seaside coin-op fun!

~~ Click HERE for Photo Gallery ~~

Wookey Hole Caves, nr Glastonbury

This isn't somewhere you would naturally expect to find coin operated equipment

but let me assure you that yes... there most definately is.... and lots of it!

The caves themselves are the main attraction and quite rightly so, they

are truely brilliant. However, the cherry on the cake is that if you like vintage machines

then you'll get two top attractions for the price of one! I suspect one of the largest

collections in the UK!!

~~ Click HERE for Photo Gallery ~~


 The Fruit Machine Museum

A site dedicated to the world of Brenco machines through the years. A fabulous place

to pick up a bit of nostalgia. You'll see how our very own Wheel Of Fortune was the first

production machine of the company way back in 1964!

The Internet Pinball Database

A hugely informative and interesting place to visit. They will have records of practically

every pinball machine ever made! There isn't much else to say!

The Killer List Of Video Games (KLOV)

There isn't much this site doesn't know about arcade video games! If you own a machine

and want to find out more or, are looking to buy or just wish to recapture memories of old -

this is what you need! An extremely in depth database.

The Penny Machine Museum & more

For a trip around all things vintage coin-op. Machine info, forum, games, news etc.

Paul @ www.booze.net

Paul is a HUGE classic fruit machine collector and has accumulated years of experience at

looking after them. His website gives some great tips and pointers when looking to repair your own.

Predominently Barcrest games from the 80's - take a look! Also check out his collection too!

Retro Fruit Machines From Yesteryear

NEW For Autumn 2013 - A forum for like minded collectors.

Also covering video, pinball, pushers, cranes etc & also the world of antique machines -

allwins, working models, shooters, mutoscopes etc. Why not take a look a get involved.



Happ Controls

Amusement machine parts for a variety of machine types new and old.

Fruit Machine Sales

A dedicated fruit machine auction site that is definately worth a look!! - open to all!



~~~  more to come very soon  ~~~