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If you have outgrown the space you have at home for your collection or you are currently storing amusement

machines in conditions that may be cold or damp, have you considered renting your own personal, dry, secure,

self storage room? Do remember if you keep your machines in an external garage, shed or outbuilding which

isn't insulated and/or heated, the conditions will shorten the life of any electrical equipment!

When you can see daylight encroaching through the walls, I wouldn't give much hope to these machines

working for too long!

We all love our retro amusement machines here and if there are arcade games you simply MUST have but

do not have the room then having your own 'spare' room somewhere else can be the way forward!

Storage rooms are available in many different sizes. They start from a space the size of a telephone box (for a single

machine say) up to rooms the size of tennis courts (for the more comprehensive collections!). Invariably there will

always be a storage room just big enough for the items you have and so you are only paying for space you actually need.

Most importantly, they are secure, dry and moisture free. Why not click on the company below and visit my 1st choice on

self storage. Take a look through the locations, they have the maximum coverage over the UK.


Why not visit the 'Other Collections' page on this site to see how different owners / collectors look after their classic

amusement machines!

Our Storage Unit - March 2012

This is how are storage stands at the moment and does not include the parts store which is housed on site with the

gamesroom itself!