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You can't escape them - they're on the edge of nearly every coastal town across the UK. They can be easily recognised from

their brightly coloured, brightly lit exteriors. They tempt the eye inside as you pass each one by and beckon you in to explore

their wonderous offerings! If you've ever had a UK seaside holiday or simply been for a day out,  you'll know exactly what I'm

talking about - yes, you guessed it - Seaside Amusements.


They have changed enormously as the years have passed - The early penny machines of the first half of the twentieth century,

with their purely mechanical operation, to the super high tech arcade machines we have now. For me, my childhood

memories stake a claim on the 80's and early 90's, although as my passion has grown and developed over the years, so to

has the age of machines I like to appreciate. My main interest now lies in all coin operated machines from the 1930's to 1990's!!


My collection of retro amusement machines started in 1997, and after many years struggling to find space for any more than

a handful at a time, I was able to put them all together in one place in 2008. This became...... 

~~ The Gamesroom Croydon - Retro Amusements ~~

Then, in 2011 I thought it only fitting that I put these pages together to share my interest in these timeless games. To create

the desired atmosphere, I have chosen a varied mix of machines all of which would have been found in amusements arcades

over the years. Some of these can still be seen in the 'wild' today! Take a look through the site for more details on the collection,

how this home arcade came to fruititon and other 'arcadey' stuff!! My main aim is to preserve these brilliant retro amusement

machines for years to come and operate a'working museum' type environment - all for fun though - this retro amusement arcade

does not run commercially!



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