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Maygay Eastenders


I paid about 100 for this plus 75 for the courier so was quite steep but we really wanted it!

I got it from someone in Cornwall I think, the battery was naff, PSU wasn't working great and it kept

cutting out but the glasses were amazing for its age! Now, all these bits have been sorted. There

were some cigarette burns to buttons which have replaced, and it is now the centre of attention at



JPM Monopoly


This machine was saved from a bric 'a' brac shop about 5 years ago. The rom was knackered making it

pay out at about 140%!! (If only in the wild eh!) Someone kindly copied me another, some fuses

were gone, bulbs etc and now its back up and running. Glasses aren't great would like to replace them

sometime if I can find some more, but it reminds me of my youth!


Do you have replacement glasses for this machine that are surplus to requirements?


Are they free of any flaking, bubbling, or lifting?


If so, I would love to hear from you. Please email Kevin at this site and he will pass on your details to me.


Many thanks





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