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Bally Medalist

 I managed to get this machine from an amusements that was closing down as they

where all going to be scraped, lucky save! It was in pretty bad condition so after a lot

of time I managed to get it going. A lot of faults mostly through over greasing and reel

wipers not making contact....   These Bally’s (model 1081) where made in 1975 and

it was intended to capture the theme of the 1976 Olympics which it does rather nicely!


Bally Dollars

This is a 1090 model of 1975 and is a three coin multiplier which came from the same


arcade as the machine above. I have replaced the reel bands with a new set


from Foxslots. There was a dry joint at the coin relay which took me ages to find! 


The cabinet is not the original, there is a bit blanked off.



Bally Five

I am currently working on this machine -  it is a five coin, five line game


(made in Dublin this one). I need metal work for it, and the glasses are not great.


This one actually has a win meter in operation.


[ NB - If you have any spare Bally parts that you no longer require, please get in

touch as they may be of use to Andy. Primarily the chrome trim around the belly glass

is required and any glasses themselves! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please email me on '' and I can pass on contact details. ]

Project - Classic 777 Heaven

This is my 777 Heaven Project machine.  It is the £6 Token Jackpot game or I have


£10 All Cash software which it is on at the minute. I have always loved these Projects,


they always gave good streaks!! This one has the Bally handle on the side -


 I was told there was a cheat to fruad these machines! -  something I never could find! 


The nudge up and secret holds are a nice touch as well. I've seen it hold the


Jackpot four times!




~~ More to come very soon ~~



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